Christine has been instrumental in helping me uncover and act upon some important personal values, desires, and truths that I had not previously acknowledged. From that level of understanding I have been able to move my life forward in strides.
— Kevin Oberholzer

Meet Christine

For the last 12 years I have had the sheer joy to be in partnership with amazing people. By trusting the coaching process and offering my coaching skills I have witnessed my clients increased self-esteem, sovereignty in their choices and greater contributions to their families and communities.

I am inspired and thankful, that my background in economics, studies in psychology and 9 years as a clinical counselor have given me tools to be a non-judgmental listener, asking intuitive questions to facilitate insight and encourage action steps to live into new possibilities.

Since 2006 I have found myself successfully partnering as a life coach with small business owners, community leaders, and athletes (former and current) who bring their natural drive to all their areas of life.


The magic is in knowing your next steps. What do YOU need to take your next step?

  • Determine a goal that energizes you?
  • Create action steps for results that encourage you?
  • Rekindle excitement for who you are and what you do?
  • Understand and redefine your life choices in areas that really matter?
  • Regain balance in your personal and professional life?
  • Come up with a plan for a lasting legacy?

As your personal Seattle life coach, I hold a space for you to explore this questions and  amplify the answers that come up for you. We’ll work together to create and implement a plan to get you where you find positive emotions in the process and encouragement towards and beyond  the goals you are aiming for.

Areas of Impact

Having a positive impact on people is most important to me!


By rekindling and enhancing what is already there, though unrealized, in the form of capability and capacity in my coaching clients, through an understanding of what is empowering and motivational when choices in life become clear.

In the last 12 years I have found myself connecting best with small business owners and community leaders, people who themselves have a great impact on others and lead with integrity and a high sense of purpose while marveling at what becomes possible.

In the current times, with a heightened need for cultural change, I also have committed myself to bringing energy to the issue of gender equality. By partnering with females who operate in male-dominated fields and males who commit to bringing feminine traits to places of business, policy making and academia, I envision a word of collaboration and inspiration away from hierarchy and the neglect of human potential.

Business Owners

By hiring a coach you get a bird’s eye view of your business - keep seeing the big picture and identify your priorities. Find a rhythm between your personal and professional life.

Finding your Purpose

Where are you just going through the motions?  Find a way to take risks and kiss the comfort zone goodbye. Your achievements are your next launching pad!

Gender Equality

Do the voices calling for change resonate with you? Are you part of – or do you wish you were part of – the move to claim the equality of the feminine?

Working with Christine has given me the courage to look at all my options. I have more confidence when I am at a crossroad because I can clearly choose which path to take next. It becomes possible for me to leave my comfort zone and make new strides.
— Tamara Stutz