Join a transformative moment by standing up with women and for women.

 It feels empowering to join the chorus for change. The Status Quo is oppressive and not inclusive to the talents and dreams of each of us. By forming movements like #MeToo, we reclaim the sovereignty of our bodies; by the power of many bodies, we see the impact of marching and of energizing ourselves in the process. There are ways to join the political activism of outraged citizens. What is written on your sign?

Some of us started to “run for something” and some won and now are effecting change in politics in greater numbers than before. Others find ways to unite and push forward in places of work and employment to address and work on overcoming the systemic gender biases and greater justice.

Are you or do you want to be part of this change? Ask yourself:

  • Where do you experience a gap in true gender equality?
  • Where do you see yourself screaming for change?
  • Where do you have a chance to work towards change?
  • Where and what are you adding to the forces of decency?
  • Are you on the sidelines and looking for a way to speak up and speak out?
  • Who in your life do you mentor and what is your drive behind it?
  • Where are you “just one of the boys” and it comes at a price of giving up your feminine side?
  • Where are you simply hoping for rescue but find it is not coming?
  • Where do you play it safe or play “pretty” so conflict can be avoided?

As your coach I can help you define your entry point.

The entry point is a place in your life from where you can start to create or to expand your move toward gender equality. We will be starting with an assessment that will give you an overall sense of where you express your personal freedom and to what level of impact and results and deeper satisfaction. What is equally important is to rekindle that level of passion for a cause, if it comes from anger, a need for civil courage to speak up or a deep desire to be an agent for change. You will find clarity in what sustains you, find strategies to reclaim your power. You will find out, that thriving towards a vision is actually turning life into a true adventure.

It takes courage and guts, some say grit.

Let me know in what ways you are part of the movement of bringing more feminine qualities  into to world and I would love the invitation to help along with all my passion for greater equality and my tools as a coach.

Schedule a free exploratory session – let us get inspired together!