“Christine’s coaching has inspired me to take more actions in my life, with improved clarity and purpose. My motivation has improved and I’m finding new ways to overcome obstacles at work and at home. since working with her, I am more organized and have been able to tackle more goals. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or disorganized – I highly recommend finding a coach that can help you declutter and focus your energy.”

“What I appreciate most in my coaching is having Christine to share in both my successes and the areas of challenge for me. It is really eye-opening, and coaching reduces the feeling that I am alone in making important changes in my life.”

“Christine was thoughtful, provocative and focused. She gave me a lot to think about and manageable action items to pursue each week. It is clear that Christine has the tools, truly cares and wants you to succeed.”

“Christine offers an invaluable service to help provide insight into one’s strength and weaknesses, to help target your goals and to help you take personal responsibility to achieve them.”

“Working with Christine has given me the courage to look at all my options. I have more confidence when I am at a crossroad because I can clearly choose which path to take next. It becomes possible for me to leave my comfort zone and make new strides.”